West is best: why it’s time to turn to Perth’s property market

Following reports that Perth’s property market was heading for recovery in the final quarter of 2017, the market continues to show strong signs of stabilisation in the first few months of the new year. Paired with increasing indicators WA’s economy is picking up after a recent downturn, it’s becoming impossible to deny the potential Perth’s property market holds for investors in 2018.

Case Study - An owner-occupier's development success story

Not all developments are completed by developers - some are just savvy owner-occupiers, as is the case here with a successful retain and build that was recently completed in an inner city suburb of Perth. The key buying criteria centred around the ability to develop a secondary lot for the purpose of building a home to reside in and the results were amazing!

Five factors to consider when purchasing a property for capital growth

Opting for a capital growth investment strategy? Make sure you consider these five key investment factors before buying.

Surge in Industry Confidence in WA Sets Scene for Economic Bounce Back

Industry sentiment across the WA property industry increased by 42 basis points in the last 12 months, by far the highest of any state, according to data from the latest ANZ/ Property Council Survey.

Benefits of using a buyer’s agent vs DIY investment

Find out why more and more Australians are seeking the services of a professional buyer’s agent before buying a home or investing in property. 

Perth’s up-and-coming suburbs: factors influencing investment in WA

Choosing the right area for investment is key to building a profitable property portfolio. Find out which factors could be influencing investment in WA. 

Case Study - No Development Experience? No Problem.

In this month's case study we take a closer look at a young professional couple wanting to attempt their first development but having no idea where to begin! Our clients are very excited about the designs (above) and can't wait to break ground on the site.

Is Perth’s property market set for recovery?

After a period of low leasing levels and increasing property listings, could the Perth property market be about to turn?

Top mistakes made by first-time property investors

Investing in Perth property for the first time? Enlist the help of a buyer’s agent to avoid these key mistakes made by first-time property investors.

Where to find the jobs as WA’s next mining wave gathers pace

A jobs bonanza is about to be unleashed in WA with thousands of construction and operational jobs forecast for a swag of local mining projects. After several years in the doldrums, the Chamber of Minerals and Energy claims confidence has finally returned to the sector.

Case Study - A Profitable Subdivision at an Affordable Price

As a young family looking to increase their equity through property development, our clients sought both property investment and development advice to begin their search for the right property with Capital Property Advisory. New to developments, our clients were looking for a potential subdivision site with the ability to retain the existing dwelling, in an area local to the Perth CBD, with an approximate purchase price of around $650,000 - $700,000.

How you can support someone in need this Christmas

As supporters of REIWA's Community REInvest program, we are partnering with The Salvation Army again this year to support their Christmas Appeal. The appeal raises funds and collects gifts for those less fortunate and sleeping rough in Perth to make their Christmas a little brighter.

Welcome to the team Natalie!

Capital Property Advisory could not be more excited about the latest addition to our growing team - Research & Development Analyst, Natalie Clayforth.

APRA keen to 'step back from' investor lending restrictions

Restrictions placed on investors were only meant to be “temporary”, APRA’s chairman said, as the restrictions might have unintentionally caused additional profits for the big four banks.

Have you considered using a buyer’s agent?

A good buyer’s agent will undertake substantial research before choosing a property to buy for their client, assessing yields, rents, affordability, suburb infrastructure, growth history and much more. And because the buyer’s agent is acting on behalf of the purchaser, they negotiate with the listing agent in a manner that sets out to buy the property for the lowest possible price on favourable terms for their buyer.

Downsizers should tread carefully on super carrot

A great article from the experts at at Empire Financial Group on potential superannuation benefits for "downsizing" retirees and the pitfalls you need to be aware of.

Five tips to help you find your ideal property in Perth this summer

The weather is starting to look brighter in Perth as spring rolls in and with warmer days ahead in summer, you can count on seeing more buyers out house-hunting before the Christmas holidays set in.

Five tips for buying an investment property that appeals to tenants

As buyer's agents we are often in search of properties that will deliver above-market capital growth or above average development outcomes; however, in an over-supplied Perth rental market it has become more important than ever to understand the desires of your potential tenants. Here REIWA outlines five tips for buying an investment property that will appeal to tenants.

REIWA data shows Perth market showing signs of stability

THE Perth property market is showing signs of stability with both the median house price and overall median rent holding steady in the three months to August 2017. According to reiwa.com data, the median house price was $515,000, while the median rent was $350 per week for the fourth month in a row.

Perth's most affordable suburbs within 10km of the CBD

New data from REIWA reveals just how affordable investing or buying a home in Perth, Western Australia is compared to the other capital cities. Contact Capital Property Advisory today to find out which of these suburbs we are actively buying in, which we are avoiding, and why.

Why using a buyer’s agent can give you a major advantage when home hunting

Finding the right property can be an arduous task, whether it’s a forever home or an investment. It takes time, determination and nerves of steel. The mere thought of independently engaging a licensed professional who will undertake the research, evaluation and negotiation of the entire property purchase is likely to bring a sigh of relief for many.

ACCC warns of property spruiker ‘selling lies’

Where are you getting your investment advice? Unfortunately, many unscrupulous operators still plague our industry, preying on unsuspecting consumers and 'selling lies' in order to line their own pockets. Check out this article by Sasha Karen on a recent crackdown by the ACCC on the director of renowned property spruiker 'We Buy Houses'.

Tax time: What property investors need to know

The start of a new financial year means one thing to most people – tax time. If you’re an investor who rents out your property, it’s important you take the time to gather all your records, expenses and paper work in preparation for doing your tax return.

Perth residential property market moves into recovery phase

At long last, I can say that Perth has moved into a recovery phase, after four tough years.For the past 12-18 months, many industry people with a vested interest have been trying to talk up the market, creating false dawns of market revival. I’ve been awaiting clear evidence and a month ago I wrote: “I continue to seek confirmation that the worst has passed for the Western Australia economy and the Perth residential property market. There are growing signs that this is the case.”

Best Buyer’s Agent in Perth - Part 2 of 2

Who is the best Buyer’s Agent in Perth? In fact, what makes a great Buyer’s Agent? Whilst not as commonly used in Western Australia as they are in the Eastern States and overseas, the popularity of Buyers’ Agents has grown considerably in recent years. Savvy investors and time-poor home buyers are slowly but surely embracing the value that a qualified Buyer’s Agent can provide. So, if you are looking for the best Buyer’s Agent in Perth, what are you looking for? We took the time to provide some insight into what we feel are the most valuable assets of a property acquisition specialist…

Perth Housing Market Update for July 2017

Thinking of buying a new home or an investment property in the coming months? Take the time to watch the Perth Market Update for July 2017 from our trusted research partners, CoreLogic Australia.

Interest rate hikes: How an RBA increase would affect your mortgage repayment

The Reserve Bank kept rates on hold this month, but experts are increasingly pointing to rate hikes in the near future. For Australia’s indebted property owners this could mean paying hundreds of dollars more in repayments every month.But now the market is at a tipping point. Experts are predicting significant interest rate hikes, and they have the potential to hit hard – particularly for speculative property owners who over-extended themselves during the boom.

Ignore the economist who cried wolf

Sorrry, I doubt the RBA will be raising interest rates eight times over the next two years. Nothing like a former Reserve Bank board member saying the RBA could hike interest rate eight times in the next couple of years to get attention. I could also win Oz Lotto – "could" is rather vague word.

Property Bank ponders Perth

Property Bank Australia — which sold a $200 million WA property portfolio to GE Capital in 2006 — is cashing in $130 million of its east coast property chips and scouting Perth for its latest potential counter-cyclical play.

Perth's Best Buyer's Agent

PART 1 of 2: Who is the best Buyer’s Agent in Perth? In fact, what makes a great Buyer’s Agent? We took the time to provide some insight into what we feel are the most valuable assets of a property acquisition specialist…

WA housing market experts predict recovery

PERTH'S property market has bottomed out, with some of the industry’s biggest names optimistic about a recovery over the next year.

Interstate investment: How to have your smashed avocado and eat it too

Cutting out luxuries will only scratch the surface for those trying to get a foothold in the Sydney property market. It is time to look to the outskirts of Sydney, or even Perth, says James Nihill of Patrick Leo.

WA housing sector remains soft, but positive signs emerge moving forward

Western Australia’s housing sector is expected to improve in 2017-18 despite continued weakness experienced in 2016-17, according to the Housing Industry Forecasting Group’s (HIFG) latest report.

Perth property to benefit from $1.2bn boost to infrastructure

A decision by the federal government to provide $1.2 billion to Perth’s upcoming infrastructure Metronet will increase property values to areas that surround the railway, according to one agency.

Perth project named Australia’s home of the year

A luxurious three-storey home in Sorrento has been named home of the year at the 2017 HIA-CSR Australian Housing Awards.

2017 Salvation Army Sleeping Bag Appeal Launches

The Salvos have launched their Sleeping Bag Appeal for 2017 in support of their Night Outreach service and to collect sleeping bags for the homeless in time for the winter months ahead.

In this market, tax depreciation is crucial to maximise your return on investment

Remarkably, only 20% of property investors are claiming their full depreciation entitlements allowed under ATO legislation!

Quarterly Housing & Economic Review - April 2017 Release

The CoreLogic Quarterly Housing & Economic Review is a breakdown of the activity across each of the capital cities over the quarter to April 2017 and also dives into the economic factors that contribute to the overall performance of the market...

Perth’s construction boom includes plans for tallest CBD building

Cranes are set to dot the city skyline again, with about 60 buildings under construction or likely to begin soon after gaining development approval from the council. City of Perth 3-D modelling shows the dramatic impact of the new skyscrapers, with about 30 buildings earmarked for central Perth or Northbridge, about 20 in East Perth and almost 10 in West Perth.

National Residential Market Forecast, Q1 2017

The CoreLogic-Moody's Analytics Australian Home Value Index Forecast provides a quarterly projection of residential home values across the country over the next 10 years.

Recent Strategic Acquisitions Case Study – “Mike & Amanda”

Capital Property Advisory’s acquisition team recently had the pleasure of being introduced to a lovely couple from regional WA, Mike and Amanda. Aged 47 and 38, Mike and Amanda operate their own successful small business; however, both would like the opportunity to consider early retirement, ideally within the next 15 years. The couple own two investments currently, as well as a beautiful home. Upon review, it was agreed that the current investments were not in line with their goal of capital growth and it was agreed that one or both would be marketed for sale when their current tenant’s leases expire.

Buyer's Agent Brief: A hypothetical

Brisbane couple Scott and Sarah are looking to invest in their first investment property together. Sarah currently owns three properties, which are all located in one city. Together the couple can borrow up to $1 million, but they only have about $120,000 available for a deposit at this time. They're open to investing anywhere in Australia and will consider houses or units. Their preference is probably capital growth over cash flow and they aren't afraid of mortgage insurance.

What you can buy in Perth compared to Sydney and Melbourne

Perth has idyllic beaches within 15 minutes of the city, a booming dining and hospitality scene and the world-class Margaret River wine region just a few hours’ drive away.

Why Perth is the best city to buy property

The wallet-burning cost of living in Australia’s largest cities has been highlighted again, with Sydney and Melbourne ranked among the most expensive in the world.

Better news on unemployment for WA

The unemployment rate dropped 0.4 percentage points in Western Australia in February, to 6 per cent in seasonally adjusted terms as the state jumped from last place on that metric to be better than Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

Is vacant land a good investment property

Is vacant land a good investment to add to your property portfolio? Learn from the experts at Capital Property Advisory to determine if buying vacant land is a good option for property portfolio.

WA election: Real estate experts tip post-poll property market boost

With a day left until WA heads to the polls to decide who will lead the State, property experts are optimistic of a post-election boost to the market.

Why council zoning changes are your best insight into future capital growth

With population growth and urban sprawl square in the cross hairs of some of our largest metropolitan cities, local council zoning changes are quickly becoming a gold mine for savvy investors.

The number of vendors who sell for less than what they originally paid has increased

Regional and unit markets have dragged down property profits with new figures revealing the number of sales at a loss have increased nationally.

Signs of stability in Perth’s challenging rental market

Leasing activity continues to increase across the Perth metro area, with the latest reiwa.com data showing that activity in the three months to October lifted four per cent on the three months to September.

REIWA survey finds 90% of property seekers feel state taxes a barrier to buying or investing

A REIWA survey has found 90 per cent of WA property seekers consider state property taxes a barrier to owning or investing in real estate.

Time is right to take the property plunge, experts say

Industry experts agree the Perth and WA residential markets are at or near rock bottom and predict prices will start to rise again towards the end of 2017 — meaning the time is right for buyers in all sectors to take advantage of current conditions.

The truth behind apartment oversupply

Despite reports to the contrary, an oversupply crisis is not looming over Melbourne’s property industry.

Perth property cycle bottoms out, prime market for investors

The latest Housing Affordability Report by CoreLogic reveals that Perth is now one of the most affordable capital cities to buy a property in Australia.These figures confirm that Perth has reached the bottom of its current property cycle.

Hobart experiences market boom as Perth begins to recover

A new report has shown that despite talk of a subdued market leading in to 2017, capital city house prices in most markets are still on the rise.

Confessions of a millenial rentvestor

Taku Ekanayake provides an insight in a millenials view of rentvesting - that is balancing out the idea of renting your ideal place but still managing to build your investment portfolio. Having bought his first investment property in October 2014, he now has now has six investment properties and counting, all whilst continuing to rentvest a new furnished apartment in Marrickville.

Mortgage Holders Need To ‘Review Their Home Loan’

Lenders have investors in their sights with out-of-cycle interest rate movement, says one mortgage expert.

The Pros of Using a Buyer's Agent

Katie joins host Phil Tarrant to discuss the pros and cons of using a buyer’s agent, the importance of property as financial security and why she believes investing is much like being your own boss and taking control of your financial future.

Is Perth Prime for Investors?

According to data released by CoreLogic, 2016 marked a turnaround for the Perth property market, and there’s more to come in 2017. We look into the data surrounding this.

How To Take Your Property Portfolio To The Next Level

Interviewed by Your Property Investment Mag, Matthew Hughes provides guidance to reader Rockney Wong on how to take his sizeable portfolio to the next level and become a developer in the process.