Independent ​property investment ​advice

Whether you are about to break into the market as a first time investor or home owner, or you already own multiple properties, our proven and tailored investment strategies will ensure you manage your risk levels effectively whilst achieving optimal outcomes every step of the way. We provide truly independent fee-for-service advice from only Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA®).

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Buyer's agency

Capital Property Advisory provides professional acquisition services for investors and home buyers. As experts in the business, we negotiate price and terms on your behalf to ensure the best price possible with the least amount of risk. Our comprehensive due diligence process will ensure a smooth transaction with no hidden surprises. Our team specialises in identifying assets that will outperform the market in the areas that are most important to you.

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Ongoing strategic portfolio management & growth

We support your investment journey by conducting regular reviews to help you manage your risk, debt and cash flow as you continue to build your portfolio. Changes in the market or your personal circumstances may require a change to your approach. Your adviser will ensure your plan evolves with your ever-changing surroundings.

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Building & apartment brokers

Let our expert team help you secure the best price and terms on your new home. Whether you are looking to build a new house or perhaps buy a new apartment we can streamline the process and ensure you get the absolute best price and terms. Our fee-for-service packages ensure you have an independent expert on your side to maximise your desired outcomes and minimise any potential risks. If the builder or developer is offering any incentives or commissions, these will be refunded to you or deducted from the purchase price - potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars in "middle-man costs"!

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QPIA approved

As corporate member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia, Capital Property Advisory employs only Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA®) to guide a valued client's investment path.

Independent and unbiased

An independent property adviser should always be fee-for-service, never be trying to sell any particular property or property type and should take into account each client's unique personal circumstances and desired outcomes.

Expertly trained

Our team is expertly​ trained to analyse your personal situation, risk profile and goals prior to making any recommendations on future action.

Hands-on approach

Once your path has been created our team will guide you through every step, applying a very “hands on” approach to assisting your growth whilst helping you responsibly manage your risk and cash-flow along the way.

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