Benefits of using a buyer’s agent vs DIY investment

1 June 2018
Matthew Hughes

Article by: Matthew Hughes, Founder & Managing Director of Capital Property Advisory

Investing in property can be an incredibly overwhelming, time-consuming and stressful process, especially if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of Perth’s property market. This is why savvy property investors and home buyers are increasingly turning to the third-party advice of a professional buyer’s agent. So, what can a buyer’s agent offer you?

Expert insight and understanding

A successful property investment doesn’t just come by chance. The right purchase requires thorough research into target demographics, an understanding of Perth’s local rental market, and extensive knowledge of market factors that can influence strong capital growth of investment property. This is where the expertise of a professional buyer’s agent can be an invaluable asset to your investment strategy. In addition to expertly navigating the offer and acceptance process for you, a buyer’s agent will research, analyse and source the right investment property to suit your portfolio and goals, substantially increasing your potential for above-market returns. Combined with years of experience in the property market and industry knowledge of factors influencing investment, buyer’s agents can offer a level of insight that simply isn’t available with DIY investment.

Industry Connections

When it comes to property investment, it pays to have established industry contacts, with access to professional memberships and resources which aren’t readily available for investors opting to go it alone. An experienced Perth buyer’s agent not only has access to industry information on the property market, they also have a far reaching and trusted network of property professionals and agents to collaborate with to find the latest, high-prospect properties on the market… or in many cases, before they hit the market. This means the savvy buyer is already one step ahead when it comes to finding the best properties available in Perth.

Independent advice

Many DIY investors avoid seeking professional property advice because they believe property experts are simply in it for themselves. Unfortunately, in many cases this can be true. So how do you identify who is truly independent and ready to work for you? To begin with, a buyer’s agent is working for you, not the seller, so you can rest assured you are receiving valuable and independent advice specific to your own strategy and property goals. Be sure that your buyer’s agent is only receiving income from one source (you) and that they disclose any referral commissions or incentives. Another key differentiator is to check whether your buyer’s agent is a Qualified Property Investment Adviser ® with Australia’s peak association for property investment professionals, the Property Investment Professionals of Australia or PIPA.

Skillful Negotiation – Saving time and money

Selling agents are trained professionals, most with many years of experience in negotiating property contracts – are you? Having a buyer’s agent on your team can give you peace of mind knowing an experienced industry professional is expertly navigating this complex process for you. From initial research to attending home opens on your behalf, a buyer’s agent will be there every step of the way, working towards your desired outcomes and goals. Understanding the ‘Offer & Acceptance’ process and negotiating not only the price, but negotiating the right terms and conditions in a sale, is imperative to the process. These can include finance terms, thorough dwelling inspections, subdivision or development due diligence and feasibility, just to name a few. Your buyer’s agent will be working with you through the entire process and will continue the negotiation right through until settlement – including further negotiation on price or passing on a sale if unsatisfactory inspection reports are returned. Take the time to understand what you don’t know before you consider going down this treacherous path alone. Setting the right contract conditions are just as imperative as having the ability to secure a below market price. An experienced buyer’s agent should pay for themselves through this process alone.

Expert advice from Perth’s trusted buyer’s agent

At Capital Property Advisory, our experienced buyer’s agents and Qualified Property Investment Advisers® are committed to helping our clients make the most informed purchases in today’s property market. Whether it’s avoiding those key investment mistakesor securing a better deal on a prospective property, our trusted Perth buyer’s agents will use their in-depth knowledge of the Perth property market to help you outperform in any market conditions.

Organise a consultation with our experienced buyer’s agents today to find out more about how we can help.

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Written by Terry Rider and Matthew Hughes

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