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If you are looking to expand your Perth property portfolio then engage Capital Property Advisory (CPA) as your preferred partner with confidence. Our investment properties consistently outperform the market – from June 2019 to June 2022, the Perth market grew in value by 13.3%, while properties acquired by the CPA team grew by nearly 37% over the same period. The stats don’t lie.

Obtaining qualified property investment advice from an independent source is the key to an investor’s success. With decades of combined experience buying property in Perth, the CPA team has built a reputation for providing maximum value, underpinned by the highest standards of professional conduct and personal integrity.

The experience and insights delivered by the expert CPA team ensure that your Perth property investment journey is seamless from discovery to settlement. The knowledge and networks that our talented team bring together enables us to deliver maximum return on your investment while minimising the risk.

Our independent property advisors – also known as buyer’s advocates or acquisition specialists – are property professionals who work exclusively in partnership with you, the buyer, to navigate the purchase process. They specialise in searching and sourcing, evaluating and appraising, then negotiating and completing the purchase of an investment property on behalf of the buyer.

As one of Perth’s few Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA®) and Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) members, we follow a strict code of conduct, never paying or receiving commissions to any conflicting third parties, ensuring the integrity of our advice. Our Perth acquisition specialists are pure fee-for-service advisers – you pay us, we work for you. End of story.

We understand that a company is only as good as the people who make it. Our commitment to our customers shows in the commitment and integrity of our people. Time and again our clients leave glowing reviews of our talented team – we know they are exceptional and we appreciate that their talent, integrity and dedication is so highly valued by you. Thank you.

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Up to date market research & expert suburb selection

Our quarterly Perth Property Report demonstrates our intimate understanding of the current Perth property market. Compiling this report requires incredibly detailed research and local market knowledge, maintaining our position as the local leaders in Perth property acquisitions and keeping us one step ahead of our competitors.

Often our investment clients are busy professionals seeking to expand their property portfolio, who engage our professional property investment services to manage the whole process from search to settlement, and ensure maximal return on investment. Our talented team of trustworthy, Perth-based independent property advisors do the hard graft for you, identifying emerging opportunities in progressive suburbs that will outperform current market trends.

We are consistently monitoring the Perth property market and local conditions to ensure that we are abreast of any local changes to zoning and local government policies that might adversely affect our clients and their property portfolios. Dedicating our time to this essential work saves you time and reduces your investment risk, while enabling us to meet head-on any challenges with expert knowledge and up to date information.

Once your purchase or project is complete, our proactive support service does not stop there – we will continue to support you through portfolio reviews and strategic portfolio growth advice. When our ongoing Perth property market research identifies an investment opportunity likely to be of interest to you, our commitment to continuing customer service ensures that we will keep you updated.

Investors Process

How We Work for Our Clients

Discovery 1


Once engaged, our expert team will schedule your target property briefing session, where we will delve deeper into your brief and budget, talking more specifically about property types, target suburbs and sharing our secrets to outperforming the market, year after year.
Search 2


You can be as involved in the research and search process as you wish - with us every step of the way, or making informed decisions from a distance. Our talented Perth property search team will locate the perfect property for your brief and will expertly negotiate a favourable price and terms on your behalf.
Due Diligence 3

Due Diligence

Our research team will produce a comprehensive due diligence report for you on your target property, ensuring potential issues and risks are uncovered and advising on how to minimise your costs and maximise your returns over the life of the property.
Settlement 4


We will produce another detailed report from our pre-settlement inspection and in most cases, our asset management team will have a tenant ready to move in, within days of settlement. Beyond settlement, our team of property advisers are available to you anytime, for anything you need.
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