Perth’s up-and-coming suburbs: factors influencing investment in WA

18 December 2017
Matthew Hughes

When it comes to property investment, detailed research will play an integral role in determining when and where you should invest in Perth property. The location of your property, in particular, will be one of the biggest factors influencing the long-term value of your investment (and ultimately how much profit you make from it). As such, you not only need to have a good idea of the short-term prospects of the investment property, but also of it’s long-term growth potential. So what are the major factors that could influence the long-term value of your WA investment?

Upcoming developments

As a property investor, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the local area you’re investing in, not just a broad idea of Perth’s property market. If you’re looking for a property with long-term growth potential, you may want to focus on areas with new or up-and-coming infrastructure. The Forrestfield-Airport link, for example, is a scheduled development likely to influence investment in Perth’s Eastern suburbs. This development will include the construction of a new shopping precinct and underground station that will see surrounding areas benefit from a direct rail link to Perth’s CBD. Not only will it create thousands of jobs, the project is also expected to have a huge impact on the residential population in surrounding suburbs and commercial growth in the area.


Projects to watch out for: Forrestfield-Airport link

Travel links

Another big factor that will influence the value of your investment property is proximity to transport links and local amenities. Similarly to upcoming infrastructure projects, areas with developing travel links will generally profit from increases in property value over time. This will likely be the case with suburbs benefiting from Perth’s long-term Metronet projects. These works are set to see suburbs such as Cockburn Central and Bellevue enjoy faster access to Perth’s CBD through the expansion of existing rail lines.


Projects to watch out for: Metronet expansion

Planned density increases

If you’re looking to purchase property in an up-and-coming Perth suburb, you also need to consider where future demand for property will lie. A good place to start is to identify areas which are already under review for planned redevelopment and density increases. These suburbs are more likely to profit from increased infrastructure and future housing growth – factors that can have a positive impact for investors. A project likely to influence investment in Perth’s Southern suburbs is the City of Cockburn’s The Lakes Revitalisation Project, which will promote the development (and redevelopment) of residential housing in the area.


Projects to watch out for: The Lakes Revitalisation Project

Existing infrastructure

Aside from suburbs under redevelopment, properties that are already situated in areas with existing amenities, travel links and thriving employment centres hold obvious appeal for tenants or property buyers looking to find a long-term home. This is something investors will need to consider when choosing which suburb will make for the safest and most profitable investment.

The right advice from Capital Property Advisory

The success of any property investment venture relies on more than just knowledge of property itself. To be truly successful, investors need to consider all the factors influencing the growth and appeal of Perth’s suburbs. This level of insight can only be provided by a professional property expert with experience in researching and identifying the best areas for investment in Perth. At Capital Property Advisory, our buyer’s agents carry out in-depth research into growth history, suburb development and all aspects of the property market to help you make the best investment for your future.

Investing in property? Organise a consultation with one of our licensed buyer’s agents to get the professional advice you need for a successful investment.

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Written by Terry Rider and Matthew Hughes

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