Selecting the best area to invest in property

13 October 2022
Matthew Hughes

Perth presents some great opportunities for property investors, where rental vacancy rates continue to sit at exceptionally low levels. According to REIWA research vacancy rates for Perth properties currently sit at 0.8%. Typically a vacancy rate of between 2.5 and 3.5% represents a balanced market. The median rent for residential property in Perth is $480 per week, which has risen over $100 in two years.

Perth is a city of growing social and economic opportunity. The Future of Perth report published in 2020 highlights the city’s many advantages, from its diversifying economy to its cosmopolitan livability, and more recent data continues to reinforce Perth’s investment opportunity.

How do I select the best area to invest in property?

Choosing the best area to invest in property in Perth will depend on a number of factors. The team of buyers agents at Capital Property Advisory offer some general advice to help you choose the best area to buy an investment property in Perth.

Have a clear investment strategy

Whether you are looking for capital growth potential or a property that benefits from strong rental yields will have a large impact on your choice of investment.

If the goal of your investment property is to earn a strong rental income, for example, you might want to select areas that tenants favour and with low vacancy rates. Likewise buying an older property will likely come with more associated maintenance costs, requiring a bigger initial investment to achieve the best possible rental income.

Invest in an area you know

This is one of the areas where engaging a buyer’s agent can be very helpful – whether you’re a local or interstate real estate investor. It is really important to understand what will make your investment property stand out and achieve the results you seek. A buyer’s agent will ensure that comprehensive research is carried out ahead of any investment so that you can be sure you’ve selected the best area for a property investment based on your individual goals.

At Capital Property Advisory, we have an intimate understanding of the current Perth property market. Our Perth-based buyer’s agents do the hard work for you: we identify new opportunities that will outperform current market trends, helping you find the best areas to invest in real estate.

Get a team ready

Obtaining qualified property investment advice from an independent source is the key to an investor’s success when looking for the best areas to invest in.

Often our investment clients are busy professionals who engage our professional property investment services to manage the whole process – from search to settlement, and ensure maximal return on investment.

Engaging a local buyer’s agent will help you obtain direct insights into an area or suburb, as well as access to properties off- and pre-market – expanding your pool of potential investment properties. Buyer’s agents are real estate professionals that specialise in searching and sourcing your next investment property, evaluating and appraising its value, and then negotiating and completing the purchase on behalf of the investor.

How can a buyer’s agent help me identify the best area to buy an investment property?

Buyer’s agents are licensed property professionals with a deep knowledge of the property industry. Engaging a Perth buyer’s agent like Capital Property Advisory can bring lots of benefits to the table to help you find the best areas to invest in real estate in Perth based on your unique objectives, including:

  1. comprehensive research & analysys
  2. intimate knowledge of the local market
  3. access to pre-market and off-market properties

To find out more about how the Capital Property Advisory team of buyer’s agents can assist you to find the best area to invest in real estate in Perth, contact us today.

* Disclaimer: any product information or advice is provided on a general advice basis only, without taking into account personal objectives, financial situation or needs.

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Written by Terry Rider and Matthew Hughes

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